A revolution new system for school to notfy a parents and carers

A revolutionary new system
for schools to notify
parents and carers.

Create a note

With secure access to the ‘Notes from School’ console you can manage every aspect of creating, editing and publishing your school notes. All notes can carry attachments, polls, request a response or herald an event. Notes are logged and tracked with responses from parents/carers saved and sorted for follow-up.

  • Simple

  • Response

  • Event

  • Attachment

  • Poll

Send the note

Look no printer! School administrators can now create and send notes electronically. Only school administrators with the appropriate permissions can publish notes. Notes can be sent to the parent/carer, class, year, entire school and even specific student groups!

Receive the note

Parents/carers receive ‘Notes from School’ alerts via email or sms. Using a secure login parents/carers can access their notes on any device, including computers, tablets and smart phones. Parents/carers can manage, forward, delete and respond to notes as required via an easy to use console.

Respond to the note

Parents/carers can quickly and easily respond to notes. Eg. Giving permission for their child to go on a school activity. ‘Notes from School’ Stage 2 will see the facilitation of payments directly from the school note.

Tracking the note

One of the most time consuming chores for school administrators is tracking responses and/or payments. With ‘Notes from School’ administrators can monitor exactly who has or hasn’t opened and read a note. If the note remains unread or a response is not forthcoming, a reminder can be sent.

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